Interest-free student loans - only in NRW
Daka loans

As recognised by Stiftung Warentest, Daka loans offer favourable conditions, such as a maximum amount of up to €12,000, with instalments of up to €1,000 per month, interest-free and with flexible repayment conditions.

The Daka loan has again been awarded a 4-star seal of approval by the CHE-Studienkredit-Test 2023.

Details of the Daka loan


  • You are enrolled at a state university in NRW 
  • You are dependent on financial aid
  • You have a guarantor (guarantors must have a residence in Germany, non-EU citizens need a permanent residence permit)
  • Note: Your age and number of semesters do not matter

Loan amount:

  • The maximum amount is €12,000
  • Loan can be distributed between Bachelor and Master degrees 
  • The loan is completely interest-free, only an administration fee of five percent is charged 

Loan disbursement:

  • You can arrange the amount of the monthly instalments to suit your needs
  • The maximum rate per month is €1,000

Repayment of a loan: 

  • Repayment begins twelve months after the last instalment
  • If you are still studying, repayment can be postponed for another twelve months
  • The minimum rate is €150 per month, otherwise you can determine the amount flexibly


  • Daka now offers an additional €6,000 for study abroad 
  • The same guidelines apply to the Daka loan within Germany


To the official → Daka website 

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