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Quick, contactless, cashless
Our payment system

Since March 2023, you pay at the checkouts of all canteens, bistros and coffee bars exclusively with a checking, credit or debit card, with Google Pay, or with Apple Pay.

With card and mobile payment
It’s that simple to pay

With our new payment system, you can make cashless payments by card or mobile payment. Always present your student or employee ID at the checkout for verification and simply choose one of the following payment methods:



You can pay with a Visa or MasterCard credit or debit card. Payments with Google Pay and Apple Pay only work with links to a checking card, credit or debit card issued by MasterCard or Visa.

Please note that all canteens require cashless payments. The canteen card (Mensakarte) is no longer accepted.

Good for your wallet and the environment
The new payment system

The benefits to you

  • No need to add a balance to your canteen card 
  • Payments are quick and contactless 
  • Pay with a smartphone and smartwatch (Google Pay, Apple Pay)
  • Avoid unnecessary plastic cards
  • Save the EUR 5 deposit


And what about your canteen card?

Remaining balance and deposit
The balance remaining on your canteen or combination cards can be paid out up to three years after the last payment – all you have to do is present your canteen card and your ID. You’ll also get your EUR 5 deposit back when you turn in your canteen card.