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Here you will find the most important information about living in the dormitories of the Cologne Studierendenwerk, from the right contact person to the application process to how to operate the washing machine.

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Administrative assistants

In every dormitory there are students (administrative assistants) who work for the Studierendenwerk. You can contact them during office hours. The administrative assistants are your first contacts for all matters concerning your room or dormitory. They will give you the room key when you move in, lend you tools, hand out light bulbs or register damage reports.


Our apartments are self-contained residential units consisting of a room with a kitchenette, bathroom and toilet. Couples or students with children are given preference when renting slightly larger single apartments.


Applicant list

We do not have an ordered applicant list. Rooms are allocated according to specific application criteria. Your wishes regarding type of accommodation and furnishings will be taken into consideration. The waiting time varies. It depends on the demand and availability of rooms. There is no legal claim to a place of residence.

We give preference to the following groups of students when allocating accommodation:

  • Students with disabilities 
  • Students with children
  • Participants in exchange programmes and scholarship holders
  • First-year students (new to the university)
  • Students whose place of residence is outside the greater Cologne area
  • Students who receive BAföG or other grants

Application criteria - Who can apply for a place in a hall of residence?

Those who are enrolled at one of the following universities are eligible to apply for a place in a residence hall as well as interns who are enrolled at a university outside Cologne and are doing a study-related internship locally:

  • University of Cologne
  • Cologne University of Technology (Campus Deutz, Südstadt, Gummersbach)
  • German Sports University Cologne
  • Academy of Media Arts Cologne
  • Catholic University NRW, Cologne Dept.
  • Cologne University of Music and Dance
  • CBS International Business School

Download PDF | Room Allocation Guidelines 2020 

Applying for Accommodation at the Studierendenwerk

If you would like to study in Cologne, apply for a place in a hall of residence as early as possible, ideally one or two semesters in advance. You only have to present a certificate of enrolment when signing the tenancy agreement. Complete the online application and send it with your valid personal data. A signed tenancy agreement that contains false information will be cancelled without notice.

About the online application

You will receive an e-mail with a link which you should click on to activate. Please inform us of any changes to your e-mail address, postal address or telephone number, as this is the only way we can notify you if a place becomes available.

In order to ensure that only students who have not yet received a room are considered in the allocation process, we will send you an e-mail every 30 days. You should confirm the link in the e-mail within five days if you are still interested in accommodation. Without this confirmation your application will be deactivated. As soon as a room is available for you, we will send you a room offer via e-mail. 



Broadcast licence Fee - Many flatmates, one price

More beneficial for many students: The broadcasting fee, which finances public broadcasting, is levied on the household, not on your equipment. Therefore only one contribution per household is charged, even if you live in a shared flat. One flat = one fee (17,50 euros per month).

If you receive BAföG, you can apply for an exemption from the radio contribution. You can find the various application forms and the information flyer for the broadcast fee at → rundfunkbeitrag.de.



Consumer Dispute Resolution Act

Consumer Dispute Resolution Act (VSBG) - Duty to inform as of 01.02.2017 (§§ 36, 37 VSBG)

We are neither willing nor obliged to participate in dispute resolution proceedings before a consumer arbitration board according to the Consumer Dispute Resolution Act (VSBG).

However, the Consumer Dispute Resolution Act requires us to refer you to a consumer arbitration board responsible for you:

General consumer arbitration board of the Centre for Arbitration e. V., Strasbourg Str. 8, 77694 Kehl






After signing the rental contract a deposit of 300 Euro will be deducted from your account with the first rent. After the completion of the contract you will receive the deposit back into your account approximately four to six weeks after moving out, provided that no damage has been found in your room. If there is any damage or a need for cleaning, these costs will be deducted from the deposit. You won’t receive any interest on the deposit. Any interest income will go toward the upkeep of the dormitory.



Fire protection for high-rise facades

The Studierendenwerk operates several residences that are more than ten floors high. After the fire catastrophe in London's Grenfell Tower, which was caused by a highly flammable façade cladding, we checked the façades of its high-rise buildings.

The result: the materials used for their facades are fire proof. Fire protection measures are in place and the safety of the residents is guaranteed.



Ground plans

The ground plans of most of our dormitories can be found here:
Ground plans

The ground plans are rough drafts so that you can get a basic idea of the room layout and arrangement. In addition, there may be differences between the individual apartments and rooms within the dormitories, which we cannot show in the plan.



House Rules

Here you can download and read our house rules:

Download | House Rules (PDF) /  Hausordnung (PDF)

Housing allowance (Wohngeld)

Students living independently who are not entitled to BAföG financial aid are entitled to a housing allowance. This could be the case in which the student has received the maximum amount of educational support. In order to receive this allowance from the state, the student must prove that they reside in a permanent household, independent of the parents. This could include any of the following cases:

  • Students who leave after a quarrel with their parents.
  • Married students.
  • Students who have already received their qualifications and are able to provide for themselves.
  • Students who can prove that they can no longer live in their parents' apartment due to lack of space.
  • Students with children.

A housing allowance is not granted retroactively, it starts from the date of application. Applications can be made regardless of your residence within Cologne at the central housing allowance office at the Lindenthal city hall (Bezirksrathaus Lindenthal) or at any location of the Department of Housing (Amtes für Wohnungswesen). Further information can be obtained from the Housing Benefits Office (Wohngeldstelle) in the Social Affairs section of the Department of Citizens (Bürgerämt) and from → Stadt Köln.



International Students


International students can ask us for advice on the following topics:

  • Health Insurance
  • Jobs
  • Living
  • Financial aid
  • Contact to other students
  • Mediation to different contact persons
  • and much more...

Before you call us please check out the information on the pages Consulting and International.

Internet connection

There is an internet connection in every room. The costs for the connection with 10 MB are included in the rent. You also have the possibility to increase the data volume at your own expense. You can find information about this here: → NetCologne. 

Here you can download and read the operating instructions: 

Download | Information sheet NetCologne (PDF)



Moving back in

Basically, the following applies: You can only live in the dormitory once!

Exceptions: Students can only move back into a residence hall of the Studierendenwerk after moving out, if they were on leave of absence from their studies due to illness, doing a semester abroad or doing a study-related internship in another city. Please submit an informal application for re-admission to the Department of Student Accommodation.


Moving in and moving out

Moving in and handing over the keys

You can pick up the keys for your room at the office in your dormitory building. When you receive your tenancy agreement you will also receive the document "Office Hours" and in it you will be informed when and where exactly you can pick up your keys.



Private accommodation agency

You can find more information on this topic under Mein Zuhause in Köln (My home in Cologne).



Relocation request

You can apply for relocation with us. Please state your reasons for your wish to move so that we can check whether and which alternatives we can offer you.

Here you can download the relocation form:

Download | Relocation request (PDF)



Our reduced rents are all warm rents, which include all additional costs for electricity, gas, water, garbage and internet. There are no extra charges. However, the broadcast licence fees are not included in the rent and must be paid per accommodation to the broadcast licence fee collection centre. The rent is debited from your account on the 1st of each month.

Here you can download the radio licence fee form:

Download | Radio licence fee (PDF)

→ rundfunkbeitrag.de.

Right of withdrawal

Cancellation instructions for the distance selling law according to §§ 312b ff. BGB

You have the right to cancel the rental agreement within 14 days without giving reasons. The cancellation period is 14 days from the day the apartment/room is handed over. In order to exercise your right of withdrawal, you must inform the Kölner Studierendenwerk Studentisches Wohnen, Universitätsstraße 16, 50937 Köln, of your decision to withdraw from this contract by means of a clear statement (e.g. a letter sent by post or an email). You can use a sample cancellation form for this, but this is not mandatory.



Rental Contract

Your rental contract is initially valid for one year and is extended annually according to the duration of your stay. As per the contract, you must also sign the current versions of the rental conditions and house rules. These contain detailed rules for the use and maintenance of the room as well as rules for living together with other students. Your stay should be fair and smooth for all tenants. 

Rental period

Rental contracts are signed for a period of one year and can be renewed until the maximum residential period of three years is reached, provided the tenant behaves in accordance with the contract. By limiting the term to three years, we enable as many students as possible to find a cheap place in a residence hall (rotation principle).

An extension for one year beyond the maximum residence period of three years can only be granted if:

  • Student has registered for a an examination at his or her university at the time the contract expires,
  • Student has participated actively in the administration of a student residence during the term of the tenancy (e.g. administrative assistant, tutor, floor speaker)
  • Student can prove that a move will be an unreasonable burden (e.g. acute illness, but not financial reasons or housing shortage in the city)




Semester abroad

Basically, you can only live in the dormitory once! But there are exceptions.

Students can move back into a hall of residence of the Studierendenwerk after moving out only if they have been on leave of absence due to illness or a semester abroad or if they have done a study-related internship in another city. Please submit an informal application for re-entry to the Department of Student Accommodation.

Shared flats

Shared flats are flats for two to seven students. Students each have their own room but share the use of the bathroom, toilet and kitchen with the flatmates.

Short-term rental

Short-term rental contracts are used for exchange students and students with internships for up to 12 months. For short-term tenants we do not charge a deposit, rather a rent supplement of 30 euros per month.

Here you can download a sample short-term tenancy contract:

Download | Sample short-term tenancy agreement (PDF)

Single rooms

Our single rooms are typical dormitory rooms with a common kitchen, bathroom and toilet, shared by all tenants on each floor. Some of the single rooms are equipped with washbasins. In some residences there is a common room in addition to a common kitchen.


Subletting your room is possible in principle, but you must apply for it at the Studierendenwerk.

Requirements and an sublet application form can be found here:


Subletting Agreement (PDF). 

Subletting Agreement Explanation (PDF).

For further information, please contact your contact person or visit the Infopoint.