Assistance in special situations
Emergency Loans

It is important that these loans are only granted in emergencies and under certain conditions. A personal consultation is absolutely necessary.

We grant:

  • Loans and grants from the KStW relief fund

In the event of an unforeseeable emergency through no fault of one's own, and which has a lasting negative effect on the course of study, students can apply for an interest-free loan from the Cologne Studierendenwerk. A guarantor is required. All financial aid options such as BAföG, KFW-Studienkredit, Bildungskredit des Bundes, DAKA loans and, if applicable, final loans from the university must be exhausted. The requirements for the loan must be clarified in a personal consultation. 

  • Bridging aid

In times of economic hardship, students can apply for a bridging loan of 250 euros on short notice. For this purpose, a consultation with a social counselor is necessary, with whom, among other things, needs are clarified. Please bring a valid ID and a current certificate of study to this interview. A guarantor is not required.

  • Grants for uncovered medical costs

The Cologne Studierendenwerk can provide a grant for uncovered medical costs incurred for medical treatment, dentures and prosthetics. The condition is that the treatment or medical aids are required by a doctor. Needs must be proven and other financing possibilities for the costs must be exhausted. In principle, only simple versions of medical aids are subsidized.


You can find more information about our loans on the social counseling page.


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