Deutz-Kalker-Str. 114, Reitweg 1 u. 3

If you're studying at the Technical University in Cologne-Deutz, it doesn't get much better than this. You leave the house and are almost in the university building. The transport links are excellent, with public transport and the freeway next door. The location is still quiet and close to the center. You have the Köln-Arena in view.

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Deutz-Kalker-Straße 114 50679  Köln
Linien 1 & 9, Haltestelle: Deutz Technische Hochschule

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Floor plans and energy certificates

We can provide floor plans and energy certificates for many of the student accommodation buildings.

The floor plans are merely examples to give you an idea of the general layout of the accommodation and rooms. Also, some of the differences between individual flats, rooms and buildings do not show on this type of plan.