Some things to think about before your move to Cologne
Moving to Cologne

You have found a flat in Cologne and are ready to start studying? Soon you will be enjoying life in the city, but before that you should remember to do some important things.

Do I have to register anywhere?

Yes! Within the first few weeks after moving in you have to register your residency at your district office of the city of Cologne. You can find out which office is responsible for you and their office hours at → Stadt Köln.

First or second residence?

If you choose Cologne as your secondary residence, you will be charged a secondary residence tax. It amounts to 10% of the annual rent for the months you live in the apartment. You can find more information about this tax at → Stadt Köln.

Tip: It's best if you declare Cologne as your primary residence for the duration of your studies, then you won't need to pay any additional taxes.

Do I have to re-register my vehicle?

Your vehicle only needs to be re-registered if it is already registered in your name and Cologne will be your first place of residence. The Amt für öffentliche Ordnung (Office of Public Order) is responsible for this. You will need your identity card (with your new address), the car registration, the car license, the insurance card or insurance policy, the car license plate and the ASU certificate. 

You can find more information on this at → City of Cologne / Stadt Köln 

Who needs to know about my move?

First of all, you should send a redirection request in good time to the post office in your old town or via the relocation service of → Deutschen Post. Your letters will then be redirected from your old address to your new place of residence for the next six months.

Remember to inform your bank, insurance company, health insurance company and other agencies, such as newspaper subscriptions or online memberships, of your new address in good time.

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