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Benefit from the knowledge of our experts
5 top tips

We have five top tips from our BAföG experts. They will help you reach your goal faster or even get more BAföG.

1. Faster BAföG thanks to the checklist!

Do you want to get your BAföG faster? Do you want to save time writing back and forth with the BAföG office? Then be smart: go to the checklist, read it carefully - then you'll know what needs to be submitted for your specific application. Do that. Right away. Don't put it off. You can therefore get your BAföG faster. And study in peace. Do it for yourself!

2. Save time in the application process

Save time by submitting your application in a period with low application numbers, i.e., June/July or December/January. If you are submitting your documents by e-mail, please remember to send only pdf files. Should attachments exceed the maximum file size of an e-mail, compress them until they have the right size. If you are sending us your paperwork by post, please do not use any staples or paperclips. Please do NOT submit documents double (i.e., not via post and e-mail).

3. Siblings are worth their weight in gold

Yes, siblings can be annoying. But when it comes to BAFöG, they’re a blessing! A high allowance for each sibling (including half siblings, step and foster siblings) is deducted from your parents’ total income in BAFöG computations. This reduces the calculative amount of parent income and may mean that you are granted a much higher BAFöG rate. Siblings who are financially fully independent are disregarded in the calculation, but every sibling that is still in school, in vocational training, at university, volunteering, seeking employment or training, or is travelling abroad, counts. From toddlers to your sibling doing a doctorate.

4. Every bit of BAföG saves you money!

As long as you are eligible to at least € 10 of BAföG each month, you will be issued a certificate that exempts you from the GEZ fee (German statutory broadcasting services fee). This will save you € 120 per year, which adds up to an amount of € 630 over the course of your bachelor’s degree. Students of human medicine even save over € 1,300 in total.

5. Are your parents’ circumstances changing?

Are your parents retiring, out of work, or on sick leave? Then you are probably entitled to higher BAföG payments. As soon as one of your parents’ income drops, e.g., because they are retiring, their revenues are down, they are cutting down on working hours, are out of a job or on extended sick leave, they should notify us of their current income (Download | Form 7), and we will recalculate your entitlement. Your subsidy may well increase. We are happy to assist your parents if they have questions on the procedure.