Better together

You have a lot to do and are mostly alone? If you're always within your own four walls, do you spin in circles more than you tackle your tasks? Learning together is easier for you and motivates you more? Then find a learning buddy via our online meeting and arrange for joint learning meetings. Because you're certainly not alone in this right now!  

Course contents 

  • Sign up for the Learning Buddy at

  • You will receive a link for the next conference meeting

  • Dial in, exchange ideas, search and find someone for your needs

  • Organize yourself afterwards in tandem or in a small group on your own

All facts

Contact if you are looking for a buddy. Appointments to get to know each other will be coordinated as needed. In your email, please tell us what you are studying, what you are currently working on, and what your learning buddy is about.

Appointments will be coordinated during the lecture-free period upon request..

Currently the learning buddy takes place as an online conference.

Counseling, Children and Social Offers

Certified pedagogue Silke Frank

The online offer of the course is free of charge.