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Dormitory Tutor Program

Interested in meeting new people, organising events in an international team or volunteering? We are always happy to welcome new tutors and assistants to our teams. For further information please contact our coordinator or the tutor teams directly!

The tutors:

  • Organise general educational, musical, cultural and sports activities for the residents (such as orientation for "first-time students" and welcome evenings for international students, cooking events, parties, live concerts, clothing exchanges, photo competitions, sports tournaments and much more),
  • Promote social interaction in the dormitories,
  • Are the interface between the residents and the Cologne Studeierendenwerk and represent student’s interests,
  • Assist the residents - especially international students, "Freshmen" and students with disabilities - in organisational matters and help them “feel welcome" in Cologne and at the universities.

The tutors' assistants actively support the team of tutors in implementing the events and contribute to a varied programme through their diversity. Our social education worker Claudia Wiedemann further supports the tutor teams with counselling.


Dormitory tutors in the student village in Hürth-Efferen

Our Efferen team, just outside Cologne, manages the common rooms in the entire village, which are available to all 1,100 residents. 

These include:

  • Our legendary Efferino and chapel function rooms
  • A ping-pong room
  • A common kitchen
  • Two piano rooms
  • A photographic lab
  • A painting room
  • Tool and key rental
  • Bicycle repair shop

There are also some outside areas:

  • Basketball court
  • Two ping-pong tables
  • Urban garden

The tutors in Efferen also organise:

  • Zumba courses
  • Soul Kitchen - an international cooking event
  • Information evenings at the beginning of the semester
  • Photo contests
  • Clothing exchanges
  • Parties
  • Live concerts
  • Various sports tournaments
  • and much more!

For tools and key rental the Bib-team in the Efferino office, Hahnenstr. 23, is available at the following times:

  • Mondays 18:30 - 20:00
  • Wednesdays 18:30 - 20:00
  • Fridays 18:00 - 19:30


The team of tutors are available by e-mail: info@efferino.de, or personally on Thursdays in the Efferino after 9:00 pm.

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Our tutors in Efferen:

  • Hanna Maria Niggemann
  • Katerina Petkova
  • Konstantinos Mazanis
  • Rawan Khachouk





Tutors in the Cologne-Lindenthal dormitory complex

Our team in the Lindenthal dormitory complex manages the common rooms in the dormitories Bachemer-/Flotow-/Schumannstraße an in the Lindenburger Allee, available to all residents.  

 These include:

  • The Study Room - for reading and learning
  • A small lending library
  • The tea ktichen

The tutors in Lindenthal will organise:

  • Online consultation
  • Meetings in the urban forest and sports tournaments 
  • many various events

Tutors will be happy to answer any questions by E-Mail
In addition to offers, information is available on → Facebook and Instagram.


Our tutors in Lindenthal

Miriam, Stephanie and Lukas


Tutor rooms

In Flotowstr. 1, basement of House 19

Our tutors in the Cologne-Rodenkirchen dormitory complex

Our team in the Rodenkirchen dormitory complex manages the common rooms in three residential buildings on Grüngürtelstraße available to all 348 residents.

 These include:

  • The Study Room - for reading and learning in a small library (smaller meet-and-greet events regularly take place here)
  • The party room with a bar and sound system
  • The chill room with fuss-ball, dartboard, board games and a sofa corner
  • A ping-pong room

The tutors in Rodenkirchen will organise:

  • International dinners
  • Welcome events
  • FIFA evenings
  • Photo competitions
  • Hikes
  • Various sports tournaments

Tutors will be happy to answer any questions by e-mail. In addition to offers, information is available on → Facebook.

Our tutors in Rodenkirchen

  • Sergio de Alvarenga
  • Adel El Yazoubi
  • Doloreza Caushaj


The team of tutors can be reached by e-mail: tt.rodenkirchen@gmail.com or personally during our office hours every Thursday from 8:00 to 9:00 pm in the chill room (in the basement, Grüngürtelstr. 120).


Social Counselling in Efferen
Office hours
Social Counselling in Efferen

Social Counselling in Efferen
Office hours
Social Counselling in Efferen

In the Efferen student village you can experience student life to the fullest. This includes not only parties and meetings with friends, but also matters related to your studies where you may have questions or need help. We want to be there for you! Every Tuesday you can walk in during office hours of the Counselling and Social Support department of the Cologne StudierendenWerk. There our experts will help you with the following questions:

  • How do I finance my studies and my degree?
  • How can I bridge a financial shortage?
  • Children and studying - How can I find help?
  • How do I combine studies and a part-time job? What do I have to pay attention to?
  • Questions about health insurance, housing benefits or child support?
  • What do I have to consider as an international student when I have a part-time job or need health insurance?
  • How can I, as an international student, contact other students?
  • Studying with disabilities - How can I find help?

If you have these or other questions, you are in the right place at the Counselling and Social Support department. We take time for your questions and find the right contact person for you. The counselling is free of charge and confidential.

Office hours in the Tutor-team office

Due to the pandemic, there will be no social counselling. Please contact our social advisor via telefone or e-mail.


Christian Gärtner

Social Adviser

Hahnenstr. 23

50345 Efferen


Wir helfen gerne weiter

Christian Gärtner
Koordinator Wohnheim-Tutorenprogramm (interim)
Tel. 0221 168 815 - 0

The language meet up from the 'werk'
Café Babylon

Speak up at Café Babylon – every wednesdeay in the semester

Improve your language skills in Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, French, German, Chinese or English - moderated by native speakres. Meet fellow students in a relaxed practice atmosphere and get to know new people.