Regional, Organic, Fair

The Cologne Studierendenwerk is committed to the environment and university catering is a major part of this effort. A sustainable environment is the basis for economic, social and cultural development. So we prefer to focus on a mix of organic, Fairtrade, species-appropriate and regional food as well as a conscious supply and production chain.

Regional Suppliers

The distance from the suppliers to our canteens should be as short as possible. Sourcing from NRW makes this possible. 40 of 75 suppliers are from NRW. Centralised purchasing can keep transport distances short and reduce environmentally harmful emissions. 


Sustainability is more than organic food

We offer both employees and students the opportunity for further training in the area of 'sustainability'. Students can learn new things about healthy and sustainable nutrition in cooking courses. And our employees are trained as energy managers, among other things. The training and continuing education at the Werk is important to us because it means that we invest in sustainability at the same time. We are constantly developing new ideas and setting ourselves meaningful goals in order to be able to offer consistently sustainable catering every step of the way. In the past, for example, we have been able to successfully reduce our electricity and water consumption, which has enabled us to produce our dishes in a more resource-friendly way. 

Maximum hygiene for our food
Quality assurance

A worthwhile effort, so that you can safely enjoy our food and beverages every day.

From the receipt of ingredients to the finished dishes in the canteen, we adhere to legal standards such as HACCP for product safety and hygiene throughout our catering facilities. We go a few steps further than required by law and are certified by the German Institute for Community Catering and follow these standards developed for us.