More than just a canteen

In our Canteens, bistros and coffee bars, our hard-working employees ensure that everything runs smoothly every day. What sounds simple is a real challenge in view of the number of guests and meals: Around 2.5 million dishes sold each year shows not only our popularity but also proves that our food tastes good.

Sustainability, current nutritional trends and regionality play an important role in the planning of our offerings. High-quality meat, fish and a wide range of regional vegetables are therefore a must. Organising our dishes under the following categories: Heimspiel (Home Match), Streetfood, Queerbeet (Field Fresh), Worldwide and Meisterwerk (Masterpiece) makes it easier for you to navigate through our extensive menus and at the same time should help you to decide on your next meal. And thanks to simplified payment via chip card, long queues at the cash registers are a thing of the past.

As you can see, we work daily to make your experience as enjoyable as possible. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Regional, Organic, Fair

The Cologne Studierendenwerk is committed to the environment and university catering is a major part of this effort.

A sustainable environment is the basis for economic, social and cultural development. So we prefer to focus on a mix of organic, Fairtrade, species-appropriate and regional food as well as a conscious supply and production chain.

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Is it possible to pay with cash?

Yes, you can pay using cash in our coffee bars and bistros. In the canteens, guests can also pay with cash, but then they will pay the more expensive guest price.

Why are dishes with meat sometimes cheaper than vegetarian dishes?

It depends on the quantity. We usually offer our meat dishes with a side dish, but without dessert or salad. These are always included in the vegetarian dish, hence the possible difference.

Where can I find an overview of the canteen offerings?

In our menus you can read what we have on offer daily. We also use Facebook to advertise our offers and promotions.

How much does a meal in the canteen cost?

The prices vary between 1.80 euros and 2.60 euros. If you choose a Masterpiece, it may be a bit more expensive, because of the fair trade and sustainability sourcing.

How many facilities does the Cologne Studierendenwerk operate?

We provide you with delicious meals and fresh coffee in 9 canteens, 6 bistros and 9 coffee bars every day!

What is the most popular dish in the canteen?

Our specially created burgers are exceptionally popular. They are unbeatable!

Are there vegetarian dishes in every cafeteria?

All our canteens offer vegetarian, and often vegan, dishes. 

Are the canteens also open on weekends?

As a rule no. Only the Zülpicher Straße canteen is open until 3:00 pm on Saturdays during the semester. The coffee bar is open until 3:30 pm.

What do you do with leftover food?

If possible, we reuse our leftovers. For example, we will reuse vegetables in the salad bar or we freeze them. We regularly check the amount of our waste and see how we can reduce it in the future.



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Maximum hygiene for our food
Quality assurance

A worthwhile effort, so that you can safely enjoy our food and beverages every day.

From the receipt of ingredients to the finished dishes in the canteen, we adhere to legal standards such as HACCP for product safety and hygiene throughout our catering facilities. We go a few steps further than required by law and are certified by the German Institute for Community Catering and follow these standards developed for us.