The affordable way to finance your studies

Half of BAföG is paid as a grant - which does not have to be paid back - and the other half as an interest-free loan. in other words, you only have to pay back half of the money you receive, up to a maximum of €10,010.  

The amount of support is tailored to you because your financial situation determines the exact amount in detail. And no two calculations are alike! Comparing yourself with others is unhelpful. Simply submit your own application!

Student Financing

Student Financing

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  • BAföG: General information, document check, case-related advice, deferral advice
  • Special Advice: DAKA Loans, KFW Student Loans and educational loans
  • Information on grants and emergency loans


Consultation – Telefone appointments
Send a mail with your telefone number and the university you are studying at to bafoeg@kstw.de. Your consultant will then call you and arrange a telefone appointment with you.

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Your BAföG entitlement
Find out in 10 seconds whether you are eligible for BAföG
Your BAföG entitlement

Your BAföG entitlement
Find out in 10 seconds whether you are eligible for BAföG
Your BAföG entitlement

Most likely you have a legal claim to BAföG, if:

  • you are enrolled at a university, technical university or college
  • you are a full-time student
  • it is your first degree course (exceptions: change of subject or Master's degree course)
  • you have German nationality
  • you are an EU or other nationality and fulfil the requirements of § 8 BAföG (Federal Training Assistance Act). Please contact us to see if you qualify.
✔  You are eligible for BAföG.

Great, then your legal basis is already clarified. Now, of course you want to know how much BAföG you can get? The professionals in our financing department will help you. Send us your application and let the professionals calculate exactly how much you will receive. You will quickly hear from us about your application.

✘ Your result says you have no claim.

Send a mail and let our advisors have another look to see whether you are entitled to BAföG. Remember: The exception proves the rule. And we are happy to help you find an exception.

Easier than you think
Checklist for your BAföG Application

Here we help you through the jungle of forms and show you what you need for a first or repeat application.



Hinweisblatt zum Datenschutz (data protection)

Tip: Watch the → video on YouTube, which shows you how to fill out the application correctly.

Forms for your first application

Forms for your first or follow-up application

Forms for special situations:

Frequently asked questions

There are almost as many questions about the BAföG as there are stars in the sky. Each of you has a different life situation with an infinite number of possible combinations. One person may be interested in how these situations affect BAföG: What if I inherited/my father retires/my sister is doing a gap year?; another person doesn't care at all. We want to help everyone and not bore anyone!

Therefore we have answered the most common questions for you here. All other questions can be easily and quickly answered. Just ask your life search engine: The experts from the BAföG office! We look forward to meeting you personally, to accompanying you financially through your studies and to finding solutions for every situation.

Am I entitled to BAföG?

Do you have a degree that qualifies you to study? Then you are already well on the way to BAföG: 97% of the first applications we receive are eligible for BAföG! There are only a few exceptions that could slow you down now (e.g. if you are starting a second Bachelor's degree, studying at a private university that is not entitled to BAföG, etc.).

How much BAföG do I get?

The amount of your BAföG support is as unique as your DNA - we have to calculate it! So send us your application or bring it in for a consultation. It’s free.

When should I submit an application?

Now, for example. You can't apply too early, just too late. Even if you don't know which college you're going to, send the application to the Studierendenwerk in your town. If you land in another city, your application will be sent there.
If you are already a student, your application only counts from the month in which it arrives at the Studierendenwerk by mail. So if you don't want to leave money on the table, do it now.

How long does an application take?

Here's the thing: It depends mainly on you! Why? Smart applicants will have the money in their account after 4 weeks. The smart one is one who knows what to send and does it fast. You can be smart too, follow the BAföG checklist further up this page. BAföG-Checkliste.

Do I have to answer every question in the application?

No. Form 1 has about 110 items but usually you only need to fill in about 40 of them (just cross out the questions that don't apply to you). You know about 30 of them by heart (what’s your name, where do you live, where do your parents live, ...) and the rest you will have to look up (e.g. bank details, account balance, etc.)

Download | Form 1 (PDF) Formblatt 1

Is a BAföG application complicated?

Not as complicated as your major!

What is the income limit of parents?

There is no concrete income limit. This must be checked individually.

How do I get BAföG without my parents involvement?

There are a few possibilities which we check on the basis of your curriculum vitae. For example, if you have already completed an apprenticeship and then worked (6 years in total) or if you are over 30 years old when you start your studies (also applies to Master's degree). We can gladly explain further exceptions.

How long do I get BAföG?

From the first to the last semester of the standard period of study of your major if you apply every second semester. In exceptional cases, it can be longer (e.g. as a member of a student council or in case of delays due to pregnancy, child rearing etc.). In addition to the Bachelor's degree you can also be supported for the Master's degree. Let us advise you.

When do I have to repay BAföG?

Five years after the end of the standard period of study. You will receive a letter from the Federal Office of Administration with the amount of your loan (limited to €10,010). Then you can choose whether you want to pay the total amount directly (at a discount!) or in instalments (e.g. €130 per month).

How much BAföG do I have to pay back?

You must repay a maximum of half of the money you received. The other half is a "grant", i.e. a gift. Why maximum? There is a repayment limit of €10,010. So if you have received more than €20,000 in BAföG, you will never pay back more than €10,010! An example: If you receive the maximum amount of BAföG (from October 2019 approx. €853/month) while completing a BA and MA, you will receive a total of approx. €51,000 in BAföG, but only repay €10.010! Medical students and students with children can receive even more. No joke: You can get over €50,000 from the state for your studies! You’re responsible for only: €10.010!

Can you get BAföG if you live with your parents?

Of course. However, the amount of support will be lower because the flat-rate housing allowance is then only €55 (instead of €325).

How is BAföG calculated?

It is a combination of your assets (money in accounts, life insurance, etc.), your income (e.g. mini-job), the income of the parents from the year before last and minus any deductions (e.g. sibling allowances).

Tip: If your parents currently earn less than 2 years ago, the current, lower income is used.

Download | Form 7 (PDF) Formblatt 7

If they currently earn more than 2 years ago, this is not taken into account. By the way: The parents' assets are not important!

How much may I earn on the side when I receive BAföG?

BAföG applications are usually valid for 12 months. During this period (called "approval period") you may earn up to €5,400 in total, e.g. in a mini-job. That is an average of 450 euros per month. It doesn't matter whether you earn the same amount every month or, for example, nothing for a few months and afterwards more. If you exceed the income limit, BAföG is capped accordingly. Other limits apply for freelancers, self-employed, trainers, and students with children.

Is BAföG only something for poor people?

No. BAföG is calculated on the combination of parental income minus what can be deducted from it. There are large allowances for siblings, for example. So if you have parents who earn well, but also a few siblings who are attending school, studying, training as an apprentice, doing a gap year, etc., you have a good chance of receiving BAföG support.

Didn't answer your questions?

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Student Financing
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