With our help you can rock both family and student life!
Studying with a child

Together we will talk about possible support services and tell you where to apply for them. We can also put you in touch with other counseling centers which can help.

Our consulting services

We can support you with the following issues:

  • What government and other support can I receive as a parent?
  • What help is available in social and economic emergencies?
  • Are there any special legal regulations to follow?
  • How does pregnancy or parenthood affect my studies?
  • Can I get help organizing my studies with a child?
  • Under what circumstances is a semester break recommended?
  • Can you support me in dealing with bureaucracy?
  • Where can I live with my child?
  • How can I have my child looked after in Cologne?

External counseling

Helpful links to other counseling centers

→ Donum Vitae
→ Pro Familia Hansaring
→ Esperanza
→ Evangelische Beratungsstelle für Kinder, Jugendliche und Erwachsene / 
Protestant Counselling Centre for Children, Adolescents and Adults
→ Gesundheitsamt der Stadt Köln Schwangerenberatung / Health Department of the City of Cologne Pregnancy Counselling
→ Katholische Hochschulgemeinde / Catholic University Community
→ Evangelische Hochschulgemeinde / Protestant University Community