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Social Counseling

As a student you are often financially dependent. It is not so easy to make progress in your studies and at the same time handle the financing. We will advise you on which social services you qualify for, as well as how and where to apply.

We are here to help you with questions and concerns related to these topics:

In times of pandemic, the situation on the job market has become even more difficult. Therefore, it is even more important to pay attention to the allowances for part-time jobs with regard to family insurance, BAföG and social insurance.

We also support you in special life situations, as an international student or when you become a mother or father during your studies. We help you to cope with difficult situations such as illness or disability. Last but not least, we advise you on health insurance, GEZ fees and housing subsidies. We also advise you on what you need to bear in mind when making the transition from your studies to your career.

Find out about topics such as social insurance and emergency funds here on our site.

We are available to you by phone, through our online counseling service, and soon by video chat if you wish. We will listen to you and answer all your detailed questions.

Opening Hours

Office - Appointments

Luxemburger Strasse 181 - 183
50939 Cologne
Tel. 0221 168 815 - 0

Mon - Fri from 9:00 - 14:00

Open consultation hours (brief consultation)

No appointment is necessary for open consultation hours. It takes place on Tuesdays by telephone and on Thursdays in person at the counseling office.

Tue from 10:00 to 12:00 by telephone: 0221 168 815 - 30
Thu from 14:00 to 16:00 in person: Luxemburger Str. 181-183

Open consultation hours, Hürth-Efferen

Tue from 15:00 to 17:00 - ground floor Hahnenstr. 23, 50345 Efferen (office of the tutors/the Efferino team)

Online counseling

In our online counseling service, you can make free individual or group chat appointments, ask questions and find answers. The portal is protected, free of charge and puts you in direct contact with our social counseling advisors. The portal is used to answer brief questions. To arrange appointments for in-depth consultations, please contact the office.


Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

How does a consultation work?

The most common form of consultation is the personal one-on-one interview. You are welcome to have someone accompany you to the appointment. If possible, please let us know beforehand so that we can prepare for it.

Contact: see above.


What special support services are available?

We listen to you and discuss which topics are most urgent for you. The Studierendenwerk can directly offer you the following support: Bridging loans, loans or grants from the aid fund as well as grants from the health promotion fund in case of uncovered medical costs. We will clarify with you in a personal conversation whether you meet the requirements and what to do next. If necessary, we will put you in touch with other professionals or help you communicate with the authorities.

Who will I deal with?

The following people are currently part of the social counseling team:

  • Filiz Akçay (social worker / social pedagogue M.A.)
  • Christian Gärtner (certified pedagogue)
  • Trang Nguyen (certified pedagogue)

Are the counsellors really qualified?

We attach great importance to a high standard of advice and the qualifications of the people who offer social counseling with us.

The advisors specialize in topics relating to social law in combination with student status and keep their specialist knowledge up to date through regular training.


Do I have to pay anything?

Social counseling for students and prospective students is basically free of charge, regardless of the number of appointments.

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