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Psychological counseling

Psychological counseling is tailored to the students' environment: We are well acquainted with the difficulties that can arise in students’ everyday life. We support you in finding a way out and rediscovering your abilities and strengths. Our counseling services are completely confidential.

Counseling services

We advise on…

  • Contact difficulties
  • Examination fears and speech inhibitions
  • Partner problems
  • Personal crises
  • Study stress
  • Mental disorders
  • Depressed mood
  • Or even if you don't know exactly what's going on, but feel that it would be good to talk to someone in confidence


Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

What forms of counseling are available? How can I get advice?

The most common form of counseling is still a one-on-one interview between a counselor and the person seeking advice.

Couples can also receive counseling if at least one of them is studying. However we ask you not to bring another person with you spontaneously, please inform us in advance. Our consultants will need time to adjust to the somewhat different consulting situation.

If you are still hesitating to speak directly with someone or prefer to remain - for the time being - anonymous, you can also choose the online consulting route.

In addition, we regularly offer courses and workshops for which you can register. Some of these courses require a personal preliminary talk.


What can I expect during the consultation?

A one-on-one consultation usually takes 50 minutes.

We generally start by clarifying the issue that you want to work on. This includes, for example, the reason for the consultation, expectations and wishes for the consultation, goals, etc., but also questions about previous attempts at a solution or whether there are any previous experiences with consultation or therapy.

Then we decide whether there should be continued sessions or whether psychotherapy is appropriate. We also provide support in the search for a therapist.

Who are the counsellors? Who will advise me?

The following experts belong to the psychological counselling team:

  • Brigitte Albrecht, Psychological Consultant (HPG)
  • Sophie Bärmann, Psychologist (HPG)
  • Annika Demming, Psychologist (PPT)
  • Dr. Gaby Jungnickel, Psychologist (PPT)
  • Susanne Kremkau, Psychological Consultant, Dance Therapist BVT/BTD (HPG)
  • Martin Paschen, Psychologist M.Sc. (PPT i.A.)
  • Silke Ernst, Psychologist, M.Sc. (PPT)
  • Tony Stahl, Social Worker / Social Pedagogue M.A. (HPG)
  • Estella Umbach, Psychologist M.Sc. (HPG, PPT i.A.)

Are the consultants really qualified?

We attach great importance to a high standard of counseling and the qualifications of the people who offer psychological counseling. The designation "psychological consultant" is not a legal term in Germany.

All our psychological consultants are therefore either licensed "to practice medicine in the field of psychotherapy" according to §1 HPG (Heilpraktikergesetz) or licensed as psychological psychotherapists (PPT). However, we do not carry out any psychotherapeutic processes in our counseling center, we offer general counseling.

Do I have to pay anything?

The first five counseling appointments are free of charge. Should more appointments be necessary, we charge a fee of 2.50 euros per session.

We charge a small fee for course offerings.

How often can I have a consultation?

There is no general upper limit for us. The extent and frequency of the consultation dates depend on your needs and our capacities.

Who can I turn to if I am in an acute crisis situation?

In acute situations sometimes it is possible that we cannot be reached quickly enough.

In these cases you can turn to the following:
The Crisis Line (Telefonseelsorge) service is available around the clock and is free of charge. (Tel. 0800 111 01 11 / 0800 111 02 22)

In mental emergency situations you can contact a psychiatric outpatient clinic. Find out the areas of responsibility of the psychiatric outpatient clinics in Cologne here or call 0221 478 872 91.

In case of danger, you can call the police (emergency call, tel. 110) or the fire department (rescue service, tel. 112).

Do I have to bring my health insurance card?

You do not need a health insurance card: our work is largely financed by your semester fees. We do not bill through health insurance companies.

How do I find a psychotherapist myself?

Here you will find important contact points for finding psychotherapy.  

Federal Chamber of Psychotherapists (Bundespsychotherapeutenkammer)

  • On the website of the Federal Chamber of Psychotherapists you will find all important information about the procedures, methods, cost coverage and everything else for patients. 
  • You will also find an overview in the brochure "Ways to Psychotherapy" (Wege zur Psychotherapie)
  • When searching, you will be referred directly by the Federal Chamber of Psychotherapists to the respective state chamber (Landeskammer). You can filter according to various criteria, here is where the information in the above mentioned brochure will probably be very helpful.

North Rhine Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (Kassenärztlichen Vereinigung Nordrhein)

  • On the website of the North Rhine Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians there are additional service centers which arrange specialist and psychotherapeutic appointments (Terminservicestellen
  • Theoretically, many results can be obtained using the online search form (for students with state health insurance)

Your own health insurance

  • Your health insurance company will also help you find a place for psychotherapy. Often, however, the health insurance companies also refer you directly to to make an appointment. 

I have more questions. Where will they be answered?

A look at our FAQs can be helpful. There we answer even more questions that are frequently asked.

If something is still unclear - just call us or send us an email!



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You can make appointments for single and group consultation via our online consultation platform "BeraNet". Ask questions and find answers! The platform is safe, for free and gets you into contact with our psychological consultants.