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Online consulting

We set high standards for online consulting: it is technically secure, confidential (only registered consultants read your mail) and you can determine the degree of anonymity yourself. A team of trained and experienced consultants is ready to answer your initial request within five working days. The great thing is that you can write and send your request at any time, day or night, exactly when you want.

+++ Attention +++

Due to the pandemic, the requests via our online consulting platform have increased. Because of that, it is possible that it will take us longer than the promised 5 days to answer your requests. Thank you for your understanding!

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Online consulting

You can easily contact our trained team of consultants via the online service. Simply write us with your request and we will send you an answer within five working days. The most important thing is: Your request will be treated confidentially and you can remain anonymous.

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Which concerns can I ask about on the portal?

Basically, online counseling is the same as a personal consultation, it is open to all topics, whether it’s psychological, social or learning-based counseling. You and your counselor will then decide whether it is a request that can be dealt with in a meaningful way via email.

What can I find at the portal?

The most common form of online counseling is email counseling: You write an email inquiry in the online portal and receive a very individual answer within five working days. This applies to psychological, social or learning-based counseling.

However, it is also possible to book online chats in all three counseling areas. Here a counselor is available to you in a virtual chat room at a set amount of booked time.

What do I have to do to use online counseling?

First, go to the online consulting portal. You have to be registered as a user. To do this, you choose a user name (this does not have to be your real name!) and a password. You will be guided through the menu. At the end you write your message and send it.

I have written a message. What happens next?

Your request will be sent to a virtual mailbox. All consultants who offer online consulting have access to it. First, we determine the area of counseling you need (psychological, social or learning). Then the corresponding advisors decide who will take over the request. Usually this will be the person who has the next available time. They will then answer you and agree with you on how to proceed.

Who will I be dealing with?

The following people are currently part of the online consulting team:

  • Brigitte Albrecht, Certified Psychologist (HPG), psychological consultant
  • Sophie Bärmann, Certified Psychologist (HPG), psychological consultant
  • Christian Gärtner, Graduate Pedagogue, social consultant
  • Silke Frank, Certified Pedagogue, learning consultant
  • Dr. Gaby Jungnickel, Certified Psychologist (PPT), psychological consultant
  • Dr. Melanie Koch, Certified Psychologist (PPT), psychological consultant
  • Arthur Letzel, Certified Psychologist (HPG), psychological consultant

Are the consultants really qualified?

We attach great importance to a high consulting standard and the qualifications of our consultants. Therefore, we have taken part in a comprehensive training course on the specifics of online consulting, especially for psychological topics.

Do I have to pay anything?

Online consulting is free of charge for all consulting areas.

What should I NOT expect?

We are available from Monday to Friday in our counseling center during normal working hours - i.e. not late in the evening or at night, not at the weekend and not on holidays.

We are neither a crisis service nor an emergency outpatient clinic. In emergencies you will find all the important contact points here.

How do I find a psychotherapist myself?

Here you will find important contact points for finding psychotherapy.  

Federal Chamber of Psychotherapists (Bundespsychotherapeutenkammer)

  • On the website of the Federal Chamber of Psychotherapists you will find all important information about the procedures, methods, cost coverage and everything else for patients. 
  • You will also find an overview in the brochure "Ways to Psychotherapy" (Wege zur Psychotherapie)
  • When searching, you will be referred directly by the Federal Chamber of Psychotherapists to the respective state chamber (Landeskammer). You can filter according to various criteria, here is where the information in the above mentioned brochure will probably be very helpful.

North Rhine Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (Kassenärztlichen Vereinigung Nordrhein)

  • On the website of the North Rhine Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians there are additional service centers which arrange specialist and psychotherapeutic appointments (Terminservicestellen
  • Theoretically, many results can be obtained using the online search form (for students with state health insurance)

Your own health insurance

  • Your health insurance company will also help you find a place for psychotherapy. Often, however, the health insurance companies also refer you directly to to make an appointment. 

I have more questions. Where can I find the answers?

A look at our FAQs can be helpful. There we answer even more questions that are frequently asked. You should also read the terms of use (link) in the online portal before you click on "Agree"!

If something is still unclear - just call us or send us an email!