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Corona Bridging Aid

Bridging aid for students in financial emergency situations

The corona crisis is confronting many students with financial difficulties. About two thirds of the students have to work besides their studies. Many of them have lost their jobs due to the corona pandemic and now have to master financial difficulties.

The Federal Ministry of Education and Research (Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung, short: BMBF) provides the student administrations with 100m Euro for interim aids for students in the pandemic crisis. The Kölner Studierendenwerk is in charge of local processing of the online applications and the payout of the interim aids.  

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It will only take you 10 seconds to find out if you can get interim aid
Your chances to receive interim aid

It will only take you 10 seconds to find out if you can get interim aid
Your chances to receive interim aid

You most probably have the chance to receive interim aid, if …

  • You are enrolled at a state-approved university or technical college
  • You study full-time and are not being on leave
  • You are NOT studying at a Technical College for Administration or a Bundeswehr University
  • You are NOT completing a part-time study, studying alongside your job or are a guest student/auditor
  • You are demonstrably in a financial distress due to the corona crisis
  • There are less than 500,- Euro on your bank account at the time of the application for interim aid
  • You are not able to make use of any other support to overcome the current pandemic crisis (e.g. emergency funds, foundations, support associations)
    ✔ You were able to check all of the points?

    Great, that’s the basics. Now of course you want to know how much money you can get. You can file your application directly online. You’ll get a feedback very soon on all the information on your new application.

    ✘ You had to negate one or more points?

    Contact us and get advise by our social consultants on how we can help you with other financial tools. Remember: The exception proves the rule. We’d love to help you.

    Note: Please fill out your application carefully and try to completely avoid incorrect information. This is essential for a successful application! 

    You can also find technical information on how to apply you find summarized in German here. If nothing works, send an email with a screenshot of your problem to ueberbrueckungshilfe-studierende@studentenwerke.de.

    Real quick online
    Application stage

    In just a few steps you submit your apply for interim aid via this application stage. Clear, quick, paperless! Info: Doesn't work with Internet Explorer

    Frequently asked questions

    We have already answered the most frequently asked questions for you.

    How can I return to older applications?

    To return to your June application, do the following: After you logged in, click on the  "Application Overview/Status Page" (German: Antragsübersicht/Statusseite). This option can be found at the bottom right of the page. Once clicked on it, you will get to your old applications.

    Can foreign students receive interim aid too?

    Yes. The most important prerequiste for your application is that you are enrolled at a state-approved university or technical college – it doesn't matter where you are from.

    From when can I submit my application?

    You can submit your application from Monday, June 16th – BUT: The Kölner Studierendenwerk will only be able to process the applications from June 29th due to technical issues. After that the grants will be paid out. Please abstain from making requests about the stage of your application from 16th to 29th June, thank you!

    How do I apply for interim aid?

    If you study in Cologne, you'll apply for interim aid via the application stage on this website. (Link above)

    If your study in another city, you'll be transmitted to the student services responsible for your application by the online portal www.ueberbrueckungshilfe-studierende.de. It is important to indicate at which university or technical college you are enrolled. If you can't find the institution which you are enrolled at, please send an E-Mail to ueberbrueckungshilfe-studierende@studentenwerke.de

    Concerning universities or technical colleges, which have branches or locations in other cities, the system will assign your application to the student services of the headquarter. Then you'll fill in the online application. The student services, that are responsible for you, will then consider your application and communicate if, when and how much interim aid you'll receive.

    Which documents do I have to submit?

    For your interim aid application you'll need: 

    • the enrollment certificate of your university/technical college of the summer semester 2020 (§9 BAföG)

    • your ID card or an equivalent proof of identity, e. g. passport or registration card

    • a german bank account

    • a self-declaration stating that you didn't apply for another support to overcome the pandemic crisis (e. g. emergency funds, foundations, support association) during the month you are applying for interim aid or rather you are not awaiting support from already submittet applications 

    • a self-declaration on why you are located in a distress caused by the pandemic crisis, possibly proved by relevant documents: termination of your employment contract by your former employer, self-declaration on the loss of your previous employment or a self-declaration on how alimonies ceased because of the pandemic crisis 

    • the account statements of all of your bank accounts since February or March 2020, depending on the last receipt of your income

    • your self-declaration stating that the successfull completion of your sudies is/can be expected

    Which requirements do I need to be able to submit an application?

    This interim aid is supposed to help students who are demonstrably located in a distress caused by the pandemic crisis, who need immediate help an who are not  able to make use of any other support. This applies equally for german and foreign students. 

    An application can be submitted by students who are enrolled at a state-approved university or technical college and are not being on leave.

    Not entitled to submit an application are students who study at a Technical College for Administration or a Bundeswehr University, complete a part-time study, study alongside their job or are guest students/auditors at non-state-approved universities or technical colleges. 

    Until when do I have to submit the application?

    You can submit the application up until the last day of a month. The aplication will then be considered for the proposed month, so an application at July 31th 2020 is made for July 2020.

    When will I learn if and how much interim aid I'll receive?

    It depents on how many applications the student services receive. The consultants are making an effort to work over the aplications and communicate the date and amount of your interim aid as fast as possible. If you should receive a commitment, the money is expected to be transfered to your bank account within a week.

    Do I have to submit everything again at every reapplication?

    No. If you re-apply for the following months of July, August and September, you only need to repeatly submit:

    •  a self-declaration statingt that you didn't apply for another support to overcome the pandemic crisis (e. g. emergency funds, foundations, support association) during the month you are applying for interim aid or rather you are not awaiting support from already submittet applications 

    • your current account statement

    Will my parents' wage/fortune be considered?


    What happens if my statements are not complete?

    We're sorry, then you can't receive interim aid. 

    Can I also apply for this interim aid if I use a student loan or receive a scholarship?

    Basically yes, if you are still located in a distress caused by the pandemic crisis despite this financial supoort.

    How much money can there be on my bank account?

    You can receive the interim aid if you have 500 Euro or less on all your bank accounts.


    How do I verify the amount of my fortune?

    You'll upload your account statements during the online application.

    What else adds to my fortune?

    Nothing. We are only interested in your account balance since Feb/Mar 2020.

    Do I have to verify the fortune on all my bank accounts?


    Do I have to answer all questions of the application?

    Yes, we need full statements to be able to process your application. However, the application is held simple and short. 


    How much money will I get?

    At least 100 Euro, at most 500 Euro.

    Calculation of the amount of the grant-in-aid

    Account balance

    ...less than 100 Euro = 500 Euro

    ...between 100 Euro and 199,99 Euro = 400 Euro

    ...between 200 Euro and 299,99 Euro = 300 Euro

    ...between 300 Euro and 399,99 Euro = 200 Euro

    ...between 400 Euro and 499,99 Euro = 100 Euro

    What is the duration of the interim aid?

    At least one month, at most four months. For every month, a new application needs to be filed. 

    How and when do I repay the interim aid?

    Not at all.

    Do I have legal right on the money?

    No. A legal right or claim on the interim aid doesn't exist.

    Can I also apply for less money?

    Yes, you can also apply for less money, than you would normally be able to receive. 

    How is my data protected?

    The data protection is ensured by the standards of the european data protection basic regulation (Datenschutzgrundverordnung, short DSGVO).

    Can I rather mail the application directly to my student services or even to the german student services (Deutsches Studentenwerk)?

    No, that’s not possible. There is no other way as submitting the application online via the application stage.  

    I've got account movements I'd like to explain submitting the application. Is that possible?

    Yes, whilst uploading your bank statements you can also submit a PDF explaining your account movements. The clearer verbalised, the faster your application can be processed!

    I’ve forgotten to upload something whilst submitting the application. Can I hand it in later?

    No, in case of insecurities we’ll turn to you.

    Which technical ressources do I need to submit the application?

    Regarding technical ressources you’ll need

    • A web-enabled computer or smartphone, preferably with the latest browser version
    • A digtal camera or smartphone with camera function, because among others you’ll need to upload selfies for the purpose of identification
    • Eventually a scanner to scan documents that you don’t have in digital form

    Which web browser suits the application best?

    The application can only be submitted online. Please use the latest version of the browsers Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Opera.

    Can I interrupt the online application in between an go back to it at a later time?

    Yes. If you’d like to interrupt the online application for the bridging aid, you’ll simply need the mail adress you used at the beginning to log into the system again later. You’ll then receive another token via mail to complete the application. A login to the online portal is also possible and useful after the succesfull application: There you’ll find information about the status of your application and also the outcome oft he validation.

    How many bank statements can I upload to the application stage?

    You can upload up to ten bank statements. In case you’ve got more documents, please summarize several files into one document. Therefor you can use free online software.

    Can I submit an application more than once?

    Yes, this bridging aid is granted monthly. If your fincancial distress lasts longer than a month, you can submit a reapplication in the following month, thus for the months June, July, August and September 2020.

    Is there an age limit?


    How is it made sure that I submit the application for myself?

    During the online application you'll have to upload selfies several times. Once showing yourself with your ID or passport and once there's another validation step where an automatically generated numeric code is mailed to you. Thus abuse and fraud are prevented.

    Can I claim a financial distress retrospectively?

    Determining is if you are located in a financial distress due to the pandemic crisis at the time of the application which you can verify by your account balance and further information.

    Can I submit an application if I exeeded the standard period of study?


    I'm completing distance learning. Can I submit an application?

    Yes, as long as the distance learning is not extra occupational.

    I'm completing a second degree. Can I submit an application?


    If I find a job again after receiving this bridging aid, do I have to repay the money?

    This bridging aid is not a refundable grant. It serves as bridging until you've found a new job and your financial distress doesn't exist anymore.

    Why do I have to state my phone number and e-mail adress at the online application?

    Both serves the safe identification and protects you and other students against abuse. Via your e-mail adress you’ll receive a six-digit token/code which is valid for 2 hours and needs to be newly requested for every login. Always use the e-mail adress with which you submitted the application.

    A six-digit numeric code will be sent to your mobile phone to verify that all documents have been uploaded entire and to complete your online application.

    You’ll receive an e-mail token whenever you’d like to edit your application after an interruption or to consult the processing stage of your application. The six-digit SMS code will only be sent to you once to complete your application.

    My ID-card has expired, but I currently can’t renew it due to the pandemic crisis: What to do?

    You can still pass in your application. The expiry date of your ID document only has to be after December 31, 2019.

    Can I blacken certain parts on my ID-card?

    Yes. The papers, that prove your financial emergency situations caused by the pandemic, have to be complete. However, certain information on your ID-card that don’t directly indicate your identity don’t have to be visible. For example you can blacken information on your place of birth or your religion.

    Do I need to provide all of my bank accounts like my PayPal account? Or my home loan savings contract or my rent deposit account?

    In order to prove that you are in a financial emergency because of the pandemic, you must provide the statements of all your accounts without gaps. You must also specify online accounts, for example your Paypal or Comdirect account.

    Exceptions are account statements for savings contracts (e.g. building society contracts) or other accounts to which short-term access is not possible (e.g. rent deposit accounts, other blocked accounts or escrow accounts). These do not have to be submitted.

    My parents always support me with cash, how can I prove this in my application?

    You just need to upload a self-declaration on this matter.

    I am a foreign student: Can it have a negative impact on my legal situation in Germany if I apply for bridging help?

    No. The use of the bridging aid has no influence on the right of residence. The positive examination of an application for bridging aid is based on a sudden and unintelligible emergency for the applicant, so that his/her situation is to be seen as a hardship case for the granting of a temporary one-time emergency aid. Accordingly, there is an exception to the standard requirement for a secure livelihood in accordance with Section § 5 (1) No. 1 of the Residence Act.

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