Turn off – heating and let air in

It’s quality not quantity that counts
You can reach a pleasant temperature of 20 to 21 degrees when you set your exhaust manifold heat control valve at the middle adjustment.

To heat efficiently
If you are absent for a longer time, although it is only for a weekend, you can reduce the energy consumption significantly by setting a low temperature. A reduction of one degree lowers the energy consumption by 6%. 12 to15 degrees are enough to keep your room warm during your absence.

To aerate
If somebody tilts a window while heating, other people profit from it. It’s better to air the room shortly but in the right way: Open the window several times a day and turn the exhaust manifold heat control valve off.

To let off steam
Let humid air out by airing the room several times a day. Steam can cause mould. By cooking and showering 14 litres of steam are released in a three persons household.

Last Updated on Monday, 21 August 2017 10:10