Application procedures

  • Fill out the entire application form in full, correctly and legibly. Only then we can accept your application. Giving false information may mean that the lease is terminated without notice.
  • Post the completed application form.
  • The receipt of your application will only be acknowledged by email when you apply online. You will not receive any provisional notification about the status of your application.
  • Inform us immediately of any change in your address and your email-address. We will then be able to contact you as soon as we have a vacancy.

Online application

Download application form (PDF, 116 kB)

Important: To consider only students, who require a room yet, we need your active assistance: You will get a request e-mail every 30 days, in which you have to confirm a link within 5 days, when you are still interested in a room. Otherwise your application will not be considered or deleted.

Through regular confirmation of the link, your application remains up to date. According to your wishes you will get an offer, if a room is free. You will receive a room offer in writing or by e-mail. Requests on your part are not necessary. 

Last Updated on Thursday, 17 March 2016 17:17